"Our Story"
It all began with a boy and a dream....



        I can remember as a little boy how I would eagerly anticipate Sunday dinner at Pap Frank's and Gram Theresa's house.  Sundays were very special to me and meant being with family.  I looked forward all week to spending time with my family, but most of all, I couldn't wait to see what Gram was making for dinner.    

       The sauce would be on before I arrived.  And, like clockwork, after giving me a hug and kiss, my grandmother would ladle me out a bowl of sauce and cut me a hunk of Mancini's bread to dunk in it.  I was in heaven! 

        I can recall looking outside and seeing my grandfather in the garden tending to what seemed like endless rows of vegetables and herbs.  As my family would arrive, I'd greet them at the door, excited to tell them what Gram made for dinner! 

        Looking back, I have always been attracted to food and loved being in the kitchen.  I would have my parents drop me off early before the rest of the family arrived, so I could help Gram in the kitchen.  I thought to myself, "it would be so awesome if one day I could have a place that everyone could come to eat and have a good time!"

        Needless to say, when it came time for my first job at the age of 15, I didn't hesitate to take a dishwashing position- not a glamorous job, by any means, but it meant being in a kitchen and one step closer to my childhood dream.  I instantly fell in love and vowed to myself that I'd do whatever it took to own a place of my own one day.

        Fast forward 23 years later.... after culinary school, various chef positions, a lot of hard work & dedication, as well as many personal ups and downs in life, I'm honored and proud to bring you my family's recipes and atmosphere here at Cucina Vitale.   

         I'm so thankful to my Grandma Theresa for inspiring me to become a chef and restaurant owner.  I'll never forget those Sundays we spent together, and even though you have passed on from this life, I'm certain you're proudly watching over me and your spirit will shine brightly here at the restaurant. 

         I also want to express my gratitude to my Grandfather Frank for instilling in me the tireless work ethic that I have today and for never giving up on me.  Realizing my dream, wouldn't have been possible without you!



Benvenuti a Cucina Vitale!